Tiered Pricing

Explaining the need for Tiered Pricing

A history of our partnership with the church…

Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center’s summer camps have been underwritten spiritually and financially for decades by the churches within The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. By their annual collective support of ministries through apportionments, the Conference has made an ongoing impact for Christ around the world. Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center camping ministries have benefited from Conference support of millions of dollars across decades of ministry.

Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center has returned that support by partnering with churches to form faith and develop leadership in young people, and by being a place of discerning call and direction for ministry for thousands of people all year round.

Moving forward together…

The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church still very much supports all the things that Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center does and will continue to support both spiritually and financially. However, as all our churches and other ministries face challenges presented by the pandemic, we have the need to address how Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center can make summer 2022 a reality. Inflationary pressures, rising wages spurred by a tight job market, and lower camper presence have challenged our efforts to avoid sharp fee increases. These factors demand we prepare for higher costs and, though our counselors are motivated by the desire to serve rather than financial gain, we needed to ensure we compensate our summer staff at a rate that allows them to say “yes” to camp, even if they could earn far more at most other summer jobs.

For these reasons, our Tiered Pricing model was created.
They are labeled as Tier 1-Subsidized Price, Tier 2-Standard Price and Tier 3-Sustaining Price.
Our default cost of camp is Tier 2-Standard Price, as this most represents the true cost of sending a camper to camp.

Tier 1 – Subsidized Price $475

We understand that the higher costs we are experiencing are being experienced by our camper families, too. We created Tier 1- Subsidized Price as an elective discount offered to families that may need help getting to camp. We do not require families to prove need. If your family needs the discounted rate, simply select this price when you register. The gap in price will be covered by support we receive from The Florida Conference.

Tier 2 – Standard Price $550

This reflects the lowest price point we can offer, while continuing to maintain our facility costs, staff compensation and high-quality programming.
Also, select Tier 2 if you are applying for the Camp Scholarship, the scholarship is focused on those needing more than the moderate elective discount of Tier 1.

Tier 3 – Sustaining Price $625

If a family is able to select this price, they not only cover the true cost of sending a camper to camp, they are also investing in the future of the camp. The additional money could cover scholarship needs, development of programs or capital improvements on our vast property.
The additional $75 is considered a donation and is tax deductible. Donors will receive a tax receipt in January.

For families who cannot afford camp, even with the discounted rate of Tier 1, we are grateful to be able to offer a Camp Scholarship. This paper application will evaluate a family’s financial resources and must be co-submitted by the family and their Florida United Methodist Church. Families who are awarded scholarships would see a 30-50% decrease in the total cost of camp, based on the Standard price of camp (which is $550). More information about the Camp Scholarship and who should apply can be found here.

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