“The Summer Leadership Team is the heartbeat of summer camp. The love and dedication they bring transforms camp from a bunch of buildings into sacred soil where the Holy Spirit is able to move freely through the lives of young people.”

The Summer Leadership Team is a group of young people who dedicate eight weeks of their summer to serving Christ and the young people of Florida.

This long and storied tradition has stretched back to the first summer of camping in Fruitland Park in 1948. The Summer Leadership Team plans and implements all parts of summer camp programming, under the supervision of our year round staff of camp ministry professionals. They serve meals, lead worship, facilitate small groups, clean the cabins, and guard lives, all while serving as fine examples of young Christian people.

We are looking for passionate individuals willing to join this legacy of service; are you looking for a summer experience you will never forget?

How to join the Summer Leadership Team
  1. Apply – Upon clicking the link below you will be invited to make a Campwise account, this will allow you to return to your application until you are ready to submit. Upon making the account you will be given the choice between the following applications:
    New Team Application: If this will be your first time serving on the summer leadership team- Application due January 27th, 2023
    Returning Team Application: If you have served on the summer leadership team before and are interested in returning to serve in this role once again- Application due January 27th, 2023
    Support Staff Application: If you are a returning team member and are interested in serving in a role supporting the work of the summer leadership team- Application due January 4th, 2023
  2. Interview – New team interviews will take place in person at a Preview Weekend or by Zoom for out-of-state applicants, returning team interviews will scheduled via Zoom or at in-person interviews happening around the state.
  3. Paperwork – After reviewing all applicants we will select the Summer Leadership Team and inform them via email. Your employment is not finalized until all paperwork has been submitted.

Once the Summer Leadership Team has been hired, everyone will be asked to provide proof of vaccination. Being vaccinated is not a requirement to be considered for hiring. Any unvaccinated summer leadership team employee will be required to submit a negative COVID test weekly.

Who can apply for the Summer Leadership Team?

The Leadership Team experience is open to any young adult who has just graduated from high school or is in college. Application is open to all, but applicants should remember that this is a United Methodist summer camp ministry. Applicants should have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a desire to work with children and youth in a Christian environment and be able to discuss their Christian faith journey with campers,

What are the responsibilities of a Team member?

The Leadership Team provides for the day-to-day operation of the summer camp program. Each Team Member is assigned to be a camp counselor for one of the four age-level camps: Day Camp (rising 1st-6th graders, here for the day time only), Elementary School Camp (rising fourth to fifth graders), Middle School Camp (rising sixth to eighth graders) and High School Camp (rising ninth to twelfth graders, and recently graduated seniors). Normally, team members who have just graduated from high school are not assigned to work with High School Camp. Assignments are made weekly. Each regular camp session runs from Monday afternoon to Saturday morning.

As a Team member one can expect to:
  • Attend a mandatory 11 day staff orientation and training, beginning June 8th (June 7th for Returning Team Members, May 30th for those seeking Certification as a lifeguard or high ropes facilitator)
  • Be co-cabin counselors with other team members assisting in supervision of campers at night and leading cabin devotions (normal ratio of one team member to 6 or 7 campers).
  • Co-teach small group sessions with either an adult volunteer or another team member. Small group sessions occur twice daily and include activities, discussion and Bible study. An ample curriculum is provided.
  • Lead and participate in large group games.
  • Co-lead craft and skill groups with other team members. Skills include: canoeing and sailing, outdoor games, archery, nature skill, ultimate frisbee, etc. Craft and skill groups meet daily for approximately an hour.
  • Participate and supervise campers during daily morning Praise Time and evening worship (select team members also lead music for these activities).
  • Have time for one-on-one conversation and ministry with campers.
  • Lead and supervise low ropes course experience.
  • Supervise pool activities (lifeguards only).
  • Serve for one week on the Team Work Crew.
  • Serve one week on Day Camp.
  • Training and orientation is provided and required for each team member.
Team members are expected, after being trained, to:
  • Be flexible.
  • Have a servant’s heart.
  • Have a clear understanding of liability and safety issues.
  • Be able to work with other team members.
  • Be able to responsibly fulfill duties listed above.
  • Be able to share their faith journey with campers and other team members.

Select team members may also be assigned to specialty camps and/or Trip Camps, which include: Creative Spirit Camp (this camp gives campers opportunity to participate in drama, dance, musical theater, visual arts, and worship band).

What are the benefits of being a Team member?
  • Opportunities for Christian leadership and personal spiritual growth.
  • Opportunities to meet and serve with other young people from across the country and the world.
  • Room and board are provided throughout the summer assignment (meals are provided by the camp facility; housing is in modern air-conditioned buildings).
  • Salary of approximately $2016 (less tax reductions). Team members will be paid every two weeks. Team members who serve multiple summers receive an extra $400 for each summer served.
  • Free Life Guard or High Ropes Certification. A limited number of team members are selected each summer to participate in free training or re-certification. An additional $100 is paid to team members who are certified. Certification takes place over Training week from May 30th-June 7th
  • Weekly Laundry service provided.
  • Two-weekend breaks (you are able to leave camp) and visitors are welcome on weekends (information regarding both of these options will be given out upon acceptance onto team, there are important parameters to consider).
What is the application process?

All team members must fill out an application form. The application form includes questions about experience, education, activities, special talents, short essay questions, and reference forms. Each applicant is required to provide four references and ensure that each reference form is submitted by the deadline. Your four references may include former employers, pastors, spiritual leaders, roommates, professors and teachers are acceptable. You may only use one friend/roommate as a reference. You may not use a family member as a reference.

Applications are not considered complete until all reference forms have been submitted.

All applications will be reviewed and those chosen to be interviewed will move to the next stage of the application process. New applicants (having never served on Team before) are highly encouraged to attend a Camp Preview Weekend. This is held at the Warren Willis United Methodist Camp & Conference Center on February 10-12, 2023. This weekend will provide the applicant a chance to become familiar with the ministry of the summer camping program, as well as the site itself. During this weekend each applicant will also be interviewed. Out-of-state applicants can request a Zoom interview. The interview will include questions about a person’s faith, experience, reason for applying, etc. Once the application and interview have been reviewed by the selection committee, all applicants will be sent a response via e-mail around the second week in March. Each year approximately 100 young people are selected for the Leadership Team. Some applicants will be placed on a waiting list and notified if a position becomes available.

Thank you for considering submitting an application! If you have any more questions or need help deciding if summer camp is your calling, reach out to Kali@wwumccc.org.
See you this summer!