Summer campers come here seeking to grow in their relationship with God and to develop into Christian young adults. Adult Volunteers are important catalysts in this process. Adult Volunteers provide needed role models for campers and staff. Their teaching, advice, relationship building, and presence are an important part of the camping program. Many adult volunteers are engaged in ministry with our campers all throughout the year and enjoy the opportunity to see the growth and change that happens during a week of summer camp.


This experience is open to any adult, 18 and over, that has been out of high school for at least one year, to serve with our Elementary and Middle School Camps. Adults who have been out of high school for at least two years can serve with our Elementary, Middle School or High School Camps.

Applicants must be able to pass a State and National Background Check. Ministry Professionals, we cannot use the background check completed by your church, we must complete our own background check. Applicants will be linked to our online service, Protect My Ministry, after they have been accepted as an Adult Volunteer.

Adult Volunteers co-teach a small group of campers twice a day and attend Worship services at night. Adult Volunteers must be available for the entire week of camp. There are other ways to serve while at camp, but your small group is your main priority and you must be present. **Make sure you are selecting the Adult Volunteer Application and not the Summer Leadership Application. You will know the difference because the Adult Volunteer Application is one form (Summer Leadership is about ten!).

Next Steps after Submitting an Application

After reviewing applications and references we will contact you with information about your week with us. The majority of administrative work done on behalf of Adult Volunteers is not done until we have our Summer Staff join us in early June. At that time you will be contacted by our Adult Volunteer Coordinator about next steps like, what is still needed, what you need to get here and lots of other great information that will help make your week of summer camp exceptional!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where will I stay? Do we stay in cabins with campers?

Our Adult Volunteers do not bunk in cabins with campers, you get your own hotel room! Our AV’s stay on the Conference side of Warren Willis. Rooms are air conditioned and have a private bathroom. Sheets and towels are provided.

Can I have a roommate?

As you register to be an AV, you will have an opportunity to tell us who will be staying with you. If that person is another AV, there is no charge. If that person is a spouse, young child or day camper, then there will be additional costs. More information about prices and how to register guests can be found in the AV Application.
You can also have a private room. This is how we will house you unless you tell us differently, or we have a space issue.