Planning Your Retreat?

Our food service staff works diligently to meet the needs of every guest. Meals are served cafeteria-style and enjoyed at large round tables. If your event schedule includes breaks, receptions or evening snacks, our staff will work with you to make these times special and within your budget.

Attending Our Programs?

We believe that the table is one of the best places to grow in community. Our food service staff prepares every meal with care so that campers can focus on quality time together.

Special Diets?

We realize that different diners have different needs. We are happy to accommodate vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as, a variety of medically necessary diets. If you have a require a special diet please communicate them to your group leader so they can report them to our reservation staff. We will provide special diet meal tickets to guests who have provided advanced notice of their needs. We do our best to accommodate all of our diner’s needs, but last minute special dietary requests may be subject to a one meal waiting period.

While we are happy to accommodate food allergies/intolerances, please be aware that our kitchens prepare foods that contain all major food allergens.

See our catering menu here:
Download Catering Package PDF

Sample Menus:

Adult Event:

  • Day 1 Breakfast: omelets, bacon, oatmeal & fixings, hash browns, fruit bar, cereal, bread
  • Day 1 Lunch: pasta w/ sausage/primavera, broccoli, breadsticks, salad bar, dessert
  • Day 1 Dinner: jerk chicken/mojo pork, confetti rice, veggies, garden bar, dessert
  • Day 2 Breakfast: pancakes w/ toppings, turkey patties, cheese grits, eggs, fruit bar, cereal
  • Day 2 Lunch: bbq sandwich, baked beans, mac & cheese, salad bar, dessert
  • Day 2 Dinner: baked fish or beef stew, roasted potatoes, green beans, garden bar, dessert
  • Day 3 Breakfast: eggs, bacon, oatmeal & fixings, biscuits/gravy, fruit bar, cereal, bread
  • Day 3 Lunch: burgers (beef/turkey), toppings bar, coleslaw, potato chips, salad bar, dessert

Youth Event:  

  • Day 1 Breakfast: Beglian waffles, syrup/ fruit topping, turkey patties, yogurt bar, continental
  • Day 1 Lunch: Chicken nachos, cheese sauce, refried beans, toppings, salad, dessert
  • Day 1 Dinner: mojo pork, black beans/ rice, plantains, salad bar, dessert
  • Day 2 Breakfast: scrambled eggs, pork patty, hash brown, biscuit, yogurt bar, continental
  • Day 2 Lunch: bbq sandwich, baked beans, coleslaw, salad bar, dessert
  • Day 2 Dinner: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, cheddar biscuit, salad bar, dessert  
  • Day 3 Breakfast: pancakes, bacon,syrup/ fruit topping, yogurt bar, continental
  • Day 3 Lunch: burgers (beef/turkey), toppings bar, fries, salad bar, dessert