April 2022, dates will be announced soon!
8th Grade Students and Parents or Guardians
$110 per participant

Developing tools to ask questions, allowing teens to make mindful decisions to be informed so they don’t conform.

Sex: Church vs. Culture gives parents/guardians and their 8th graders space to talk about hard topics. Students and adults attend sessions together and separate. The event strives to create opportunities for your child to learn and grow, while opening up conversations about the transition to high school and the pressures of being a teenager.

Retreat Objectives:

  • To offer reliable information to young persons about human sexuality – anatomy, attitudes, growth and development, relationships, reproduction, responsibility, and safety – all built on a foundation of faith.
  • To create arenas of intimacy where young people feel free to ask all of their questions.
  • To nurture communication skills between parents/guardians and teens.

Our staff of youth and family ministers will spend time with both adults and students over three active learning sessions. Students will experience the curriculum in mixed-gender small groups. Adults will be led through a series of workshops, forums and discussions dealing with raising students in the 8th grade and beyond. Scripture, worship, fun games and activities are woven throughout the study. Some sessions will combine adults and students opening lines of communication. Families sleep in private rooms, bedding and towels are included.

For information on retreat content email Elyse Grossman at elyse@wwumccc.org
For information on registration email Mindy Standifer at mindy@wwumccc.org