Low Challenge Course Cabin Reclaimed

December 13, 2018: A group of staff met and begin plans to clean, screen, and roof one of several cabins long-forgotten on the low challenge course.

January 8, 2020: After a thorough cleaning and pressure wash, construction begins on the cabin.

February 12, 2020: Roof is finished and work begins screening the windows and adding doors.

March 15, 2020: Construction complete!

Eagle Scout Project

A HUGE thanks to Parker Allen and everyone who helped him in completing his project!

Scholarship Deadline Extended

Update: Friday, March 26th, 2021

In recognition of the faithfulness of Florida United Methodist churches in forgoing public worship, our staff has decided to extend the deadline for scholarship applications to May 1st. This is an effort to give churches and families more time to collaborate to complete applications and ensure that scholarships are available for as many students as possible.

Scholarship FAQ’s

How do we apply for a Warren Willis Camp Scholarship?

You can download a Warren Willis Summer Camp Scholarship Application at the button below, or by calling your local church or the Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center office at (352) 787-4345 or toll-free at (866) UMCAMPS. Completed Scholarship Applications must be postmarked by May 1st. Once you have completed the scholarship form, you can mail it to: Summer Camp Scholarship Committee, 4990 Picciola Rd. Fruitland Park, FL 34731.

There is no need to overnight mail your application, simply make sure the postmark shows it was mailed by May 1st.

Who should apply for a Warren Willis Summer Camp Scholarship

Scholarships are available to any camper who is claimed by a Florida United Methodist congregation. Families who are having difficulty paying the camp fee and families with more than one child attending the Warren Willis Summer Camp program may apply for a scholarship. The 2nd half of this scholarship form must be completed by a representative of a Florida United Methodist congregation.

When will we find out if we’ve received a scholarship?

The Scholarship Committee will meet as soon as possible to review the applications and determine the amount of scholarship funds awarded. Notification of scholarship amounts will be sent by mail to the parent.

How much will the scholarship be?

The amount awarded will be dependent on how many people apply for the Warren Willis Summer Camp Scholarships. Please be aware that we do not award 100% scholarships.

If we have applied for a Warren Willis Summer Camp Scholarship, will we be notified before our final balance is due?

You will be notified of your scholarship award amount as quickly as possible. When you receive your award letter, it will include a voucher that must be submitted to the registration office to let them know that you have received and are using your scholarship. Some churches prefer to submit your voucher for you. Please check with your church for their preference, especially if they will be paying the final balance.

Can I email our scholarship applications?

We kindly request that applications be submitted via mail or fax.

Summer Camp 2020… FLOW!

Watch as Elyse and the members of our Content Development Team introduce the theme for Summer Camp 2020.

Join us this summer as we explore Christ’s call for us to take a step into the unknown. Just like so many big steps, this one can be filled with fear. We see in the story of Peter the power of both courage and doubt, but we also see that Christ was with him the whole time.

Every journey has a Flow, you can fight against it or allow God to lead you boldly into the next chapter of your story.