Trusting anyone with your child for a week of camp is not an easy decision. Tens of thousands of parents have trusted us to care for their children over our 70+ years of continual summer camp ministry. Our site has earned accreditation from the American Camping Association through our dedication to quality and devotion to safety.

God can do amazing things in the life of a young person when they escape the day-to-day. A week of camp is proven to instill the powerful traits of self-confidence, independence, and communication. Our prayer is that your child will find their week of camp to be a time they look forward to all year round.

You can also send your camper mail and packages to the following addresses:

Warren Willis Camp
c/o your campers name
5050 Picciola Rd.                          
Fruitland Park, FL 34731 1

Warren Willis Camp
c/o your campers name
4990 Picciola Rd.
Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if my camper has successfully enrolled in a camp session?

Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. The Parent/Guardian will receive confirmation by email. In the event that the requested week is full, we will attempt to register campers for their second and third choices (for Warren Willis Classic Camps only).

If you do not indicate a second or third choice, you will be put on the waitlist for your first choice. PLEASE DO NOT bring a child to camp who has not received a Confirmation Email.

If I register my camper through the Internet, is the church contact person notified?

The Parent/Guardian will receive the confirmation letter; however, your church contact person will have access to view the status of all campers from their church in a secure location on our summer camp website.

Bringing a friend to camp?

We want you to bring a friend to camp! Here are some things that you can tell them that will make their registration process easier and will help ensure that you and your friend are in the same cabin together!

1. Have your friend register for the same week of camp as you (for example Week 1, June 9-14, High School Girls)

2. Make sure both of you list the other under roommate request when registering.

3. If you are coming with a church, make sure your friend lists that church as well.

Does my child receive a free t-shirt when they come to camp?

Yes! Every camper will receive a free t-shirt this summer. On the application, there is a place for you to mark what size they wear. Please make sure you don’t forget to check the appropriate box.

Camp Tuition

Does a week at Overnight Summer Camp qualify as a “dependent child care” expense?

No. The Florida United Methodist Conference overnight camping program fees do not qualify as “dependent child care” or as “section 125 cafeteria plan” expenses for IRS purposes. The IRS excludes expenses incurred for a child to stay overnight at a camp outside of home.

If the church has agreed to help with the cost of camp for a camper, what are the possible payment options?

Your church can help pay for your summer camp tuition. They will need to send in a church check and complete an initial payment or balance-due spreadsheet along with the payment. Please speak with your church about making this happen.

What are my payment options?

Your camp fee can be made either by check or by credit card.

Summer Camp Scholarships

How do we apply for a Warren Willis Camp Scholarship?

Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center Scholarship Applications are here, or by calling your local church or the Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center office at(352) 787-4345 or toll free at (866) UMCAMPS Option 3. Completed Scholarship Applications must be postmarked by April 1st. Once you have completed the scholarship form, you can mail it to: Summer Camp Scholarship Committee, 4990 Picciola Rd. Fruitland Park, FL 34731.

Who should apply for a Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center Scholarship?

Families who are having difficulty paying the camp fee and families with more than one child attending the Warren Willis Summer Camp program may apply for a scholarship.

When will we find out if we’ve received a scholarship?

The Scholarship Committee will meet one time in early April to review the applications and determine the amount of scholarship funds awarded. Notification of scholarship amounts will be sent by mail to the parent.

How much will the Warren Willis Scholarship be?

The amount awarded will be dependent on how many people apply for the Warren Willis Camp Scholarships.

If we have applied for a Warren Willis Camp Scholarship, will we be notified before our final balance is due?

You will be notified of your Scholarship Award amount before the May 15th and June 15th balance due dates. When you receive your award letter, it will include a voucher that you must submit to the registration office to let them know that you have received and are using your scholarship.


How does Camp Doc work?

Once you have registered your child for a week of camp, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to login and use camp doc. You will need to login and complete the health history and medication information for your child. If you have any problems with logging in or accessing your child’s records, please email

Arrival and Departure

What will drop off/registration be like on Monday afternoon?

All campers must go through registration to be properly enrolled in a camp session. Registration begins at 2 PM each Monday. We suggest that you leave all luggage and sleeping bags in vehicles or outside Barnett Lodge during registration. Each camper should have his or her CAMPER RELEASE FORM, CAMP DOC MEDICATION FORM (only if they are taking medications while at camp), and MONEY FOR GROUP PICTURE (optional). Campers will also receive their name tags and cabin assignments at this time. It is important that all campers complete the entire registration process. After completion of registration, parents are welcomed to assist their child to their assigned cabin to unpack and settle in for the week. The first scheduled activity for all campers is at 4:15 PM. We suggest that all campers try to arrive no later than 3:15 PM.

What time should I pick up my child on Saturday?

Parents are invited to join us for our closing Praise Time at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, in the Fellowship Hall of Barnett Lodge. If you choose not to attend this closing Praise Time you should arrive to pick up at 9:00 a.m. and go straight to your campers’ cabins for check out. Please bring an ID. For campers attending the specialty camp, Creative Spirit Camp, The Big Show! will begin at 8:45 in the chapel. Check out will begin after the show.

Your Child’s Time at Camp

What will my child do at camp?

Every day at camp is new and exciting. Each day campers will take part in a small group (same age level, mixed gender) which is the time when they dive into the curriculum and theme for the week to learn about the ways that God wants to know them, love them, and transform them. They will also get to choose 4 activity groups to participate in throughout the week (see list below). In addition to meals, rest time, morning devotions, and evening worship, and our FAMOUS PRAISE TIME, your child will swim, play large crazy outdoor games, meet new friends, and have an encounter with the living God!

What is the right amount of spending money for my camper?

Each camper will be provided snacks/drinks each day as a part of their camp tuition. They do not need to bring extra money for snacks. If they would like to purchase anything from the camp store, they will need to bring money to spend at the camp store. Items in the camp store range from $0.50- $30.00.

Is it a good idea to send my camper mail?

YES. Campers love to get mail from home. We ask that you do not send food or toys. A nice postcard or letter is great. Remember to account for post office delivery time (2-3 days). You can also send your camper email through our One-Way Email Service on your CampWise online registration service. Once you have logged into your account, look for the “One Way Email” button on your dashboard

What happens if my child gets “homesick”?

After years of experience, the camp staff is trained on how to handle homesickness. In most cases, the feelings are mild and short-lived. The counselors and camp nurse, along with the camp directors, work to ensure that each camper has a great camp experience. In the rare instance that a phone-call home is necessary, the camp staff will initiate such action.

Can I call my camper or can my camper call me?

Phones are not available for use by campers. Emergency phone calls can be made to (352) 787-4345.

Why we don’t allow cell phones?

We know that in today’s culture many of our campers and parents stay in daily communication via cell phones. We also understand the trust that you are placing in us by allowing your camper to come to camp without their cell phone, and we want to make sure you understand why we have this policy. We believe that there is a very real value in your camper spending a week unplugged and disconnected from their digital lives. We believe that taking time off from our phones, computers, social media, video games, etc. can open up the space in our minds and hearts to hear and feel God at work. If any situations occur while they are at camp that warrant your attention (medical issues, severe homesicknesss, etc.) we will call you. If you need to reach your child immediately because of a situation at home, please call the camp office at 352-787-4345. For after-hour emergencies, please call 352-978-9014. Thank you for trusting us with your camper.

Can I send any of the following items to Camp to remind my child of home: TV, fan, water gun, pets, food, candy, comic books, video games, phone, ipod, etc?

No, none of these items are necessary for a fun-filled week at camp. Please be aware that if a camper brings any of the above “extras” to Camp, the items will be removed from the cabins and stored until the end of the week.