We know that you have a precious few weeks each summer to plan awesome events for the students in your ministry. Why spend time lining up chaperones, booking accommodations, and coordinating meals? Let us take care of all that and you can enjoy a week watching your students have an amazing experience!

A week of summer camp can have a monumental impact on the life of a young person. Imagine the impact that bringing a group of young people home from a week of summer camp can have on your local youth or children’s ministry. These students will have bonded over a shared transformative experience, and they will have participated in first-class worship led by young adults who spent the week serving as positive role models of young Christian adults.

The following information is meant to supplement our Group Leader Checklist; make sure you have downloaded and read that document

Choosing a week to attend camp

How should I pick a week?

Check with your church calendar about other events that are happening during the summer and pick a week that won’t interfere with VBS or your church’s bus schedule. You do not need to inform the camp which week you’ve chosen. If you are bringing a group over 15, and coming the same week is important to you, encourage your families to register early as some weeks will fill up.

How should I let parents know?

Parents need to know information about camp, including how to register and what is expected of them before camp starts. Check back soon for some sample letters created by other churches to communicate with their parents, and a hand-out you can use to tell campers what week you are going to camp, and other information they will need to register.

Do all of the campers from our church have to come the same week of camp?

No. The campers from your church can come any of the weeks of classic camp or specialty camp.


Does each camper fill out his/her own application?

Yes. Each camper from your church will fill out the summer camp application. They can fill out a paper application or they can register online. If they fill out a paper application you can either have them send the registration form in or you can send it. The Parent/Guardian will be sent the confirmation letter; however you will be able to view the most updated status of all of your campers by visiting a secure location on our summer camp website. At this location, we will post the registration status of all of your campers every Friday. If you have not received the information on how to access this location on our website, contact the registration office at 352-787-4345 or summercamp@warrenwilliscamp.org.

If a camper registers online, is the church contact person notified?

If a camper registers online, it is the responsibility of the parent/camper to notify the church contact person. The summer camp registration office will NOT send notification of registration to the church. However, the church contact person can view the most updated status of all of your campers by visiting a secure location on our summer camp website. To request the information on to how to view this location, please contact the registration office at 352-787- 4345 or summercamp@warrenwilliscamp.org.

When will campers know if they have been successfully enrolled in a camp session?

Registration forms are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The Parent/Guardian will receive a confirmation email. In the event that the requested week is full, we will attempt to register campers for their second and third choices (for Warren Willis classic camps only). If you do not indicate a second or third choice, you will be put on the waitlist for your first choice. PLEASE DO NOT bring a child to camp who has not received a Confirmation Letter.

Who receives the Confirmation Email?

The parents/guardian will receive the confirmation email. Church Contacts will be able to view the registration status of their campers by viewing a secure location on our camp website. The church contact person will be able to view the most updated status of all of your campers by visiting a secure location on our summer camp website. To request the information on to how to view this location, please contact the registration office at 352-787-4345 or summercamp@warrenwilliscamp.org.

Does every camper receive a free t-shirt when they come to camp?

Yes! Every camper will receive a free t-shirt this summer. On the application, there is a place to mark what size they wear. Please make sure that the appropriate box gets checked.

Camp Tuition

Because campers register as individuals, their balance is tied to their account, not the church. If a family registered online, they can make payments online. Families can also send checks to the camp with their camper’s name and the week they are attending camp.

Checks should be made out to Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center.

Some churches offer scholarships or fundraising opportunities for camp. If your church does this and needs to make payments towards individual camper accounts, you must send your church check with a spreadsheet. Contact us for a template.

How do I use the Church Payment Spreadsheet?

The Church Payment Spreadsheet must accompany all church checks. The spreadsheet shows how the check is divided among the campers listed. All campers must either be already registered or their application is accompanying the check. One check per spreadsheet, please. A church may complete and submit as many spreadsheets as needed and they can be submitted at different times.

Please mail the spreadsheet and check to:

Warren Willis Camp
Attn: Summer Camp Registrar
4990 Picciola Rd.
Fruitland Park, FL 34731

If you have to use a church credit card to pay, please call our Registrar, Mindy at 352-787-4345 for instructions.

Don’t know how much your campers still owe? Reach out to us for the latest information.

Tracking your camper’s registration status

If I have a question about a particular camper’s registration form or status, who do I contact?

If you are not able to find out the information that you need on our website, then all inquiries should be made to the Warren Willis Summer Camp Registrar. They can be reached by email at summercamp@warrenwilliscamp.org; by phone at 1-866-UMCAMPS (opt. 3) or 352-787-4345.

If I have a student that cancels, can I substitute another in his/her place?

Due to the many variables involved when a camper cancels, substitutions may or may not be possible. You may request a substitution by contacting the Summer Camp Registration Office at summercamp@warrenwilliscamp.org, or by mai atl 4990 Picciola Rd. Fruitland Park, FL 34741. All substitutions are at the discretion of the Summer Camp Registration Office and a substitution fee of $25.00 will be charged.

Summer Camp Scholarships

How do families apply for a Warren Willis Camp Scholarship?

Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center Scholarship Applications are available on our web site by clicking the Scholarships page or by calling your local church or the Summer Camp office at (352) 787-4345 or toll free at (866) UMCAMPS- Option 3. Completed Scholarship Applications must be postmarked by April 1st. Once you have completed the scholarship form, you can mail it to the Summer Camp Scholarship Committee, 4990 Picciola Rd. Fruitland Park, FL 34731.

Who should apply for a Conference Scholarship?

Families who are having difficulty paying the camp fee and families with more than one child attending the Warren Willis Summer Camp may apply for a scholarship.

When will families find out if they’ve received a Warren Willis scholarship?

The Scholarship Committee will meet one time in early April to review the applications and determine the amount of scholarships awarded. Notification of scholarship amounts will be sent to the appropriate persons.

How much will the Warren Willis Camp Scholarship be?

The amount awarded each camper will be dependent on how many people apply for the scholarship assistance.

How do I know if my campers have been awarded a Warren Willis Camp Scholarship?

Once the scholarships have been awarded, we will post this information in a secure location on our summer camp website that is viewable only by Summer Camp Church Contacts. To request the information on to how to view this location, please contact the registration office at 352-787-4345 or summercamp@warrenwilliscamp.org.


How does Camp Doc work?

Once a camper has registered for a week of camp, their family will receive an email from register@campdoc.com with instructions on how to login and use camp doc. They will need to login and complete the health history and medication information for their child. If they have any problems with logging in or accessing their child’s records, please have them email help@campdoc.com.

Transportation/Arrival and Departure

What will check-in be like on Monday afternoon?

All campers must go through the check- in line to be properly enrolled in a camp session. Check-in begins at 2 PM each Monday. We suggest that you leave all luggage and sleeping bags in vehicles or outside the lodge during this procedure. Each camper should have his or her CAMPER RELEASE FORM, CAMP DOC MEDICATION FORM (only if they are taking medications while at camp), and MONEY FOR GROUP PICTURE (optional).WE SUGGEST THAT LARGE GROUPS GO OVER THE REGISTRATION PROCESS AND FLOW BEFORE THEIR CAMPERS GET IN LINE. Campers will also receive their nametags and cabin assignments at this time. It is important that ALL campers complete the entire process. After check-in is completed, please assist your campers to their assigned cabin to unpack and settle in for the week. The first scheduled activity for all campers is at 4:15PM. We suggest that all campers try to arrive no later than 3:15 PM. (Large groups should try to arrive no later than 3:00 PM).

What time does camp end on Saturday/What time do I pick up the kids from my church on Saturday?

Church Staff who are picking up and parents are invited to join us for our closing Praise Time at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. If you choose not to attend this closing Praise Time you should arrive at 9:00 a.m.

How do campers select activity groups?

Activity group choices will be made later in the evening on Monday, which will provide for more opportunity to ask questions and receive an explanation about each activity. Every summer we are expanding and developing some new activity options. Although we cannot guarantee availability in every choice for every camper, every effort will be made to place campers in their first choice(s).

Do my kids need to bring money for the camp snack shack or camp store?

Each camper will be provided snacks/drinks from the snack shack each day as a part of their camp fee. They do not need to bring extra money for snacks. If they would like to purchase anything from the camp store, they will need to bring money to spend at the camp store.

Volunteering at Camp

We appreciate the help of church staff in making our summer camp ministry amazing for all the students who attend. As an Adult Volunteer, you will be given a place to stay on our site and be included in our camp meals. You will be assigned to lead a small group of students in discussion and activities throughout the week. We also love for our volunteers to be flexible and willing to help out and participate in many ways as the needs arise. This opportunity is FREE, but we do ask that you consider making a donation to support the ministry of the Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center and its continued growth.