Get ready for the best week of your whole year! You’ll find growth in new experiences, encounter God in profound ways, and make relationships that will stick with you for years. It’s hard to believe how many memories can be made in a single week. You’ll be counting down the days until you’re back at camp.

Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions:

If my friend is coming to camp, can we stay in the same cabin?

YES. To do so, make sure you put their name on your application as your “Roommate Request”. Your friend must put you on his/her application as well. If you do that, usually there will be no problem. If you register online, there is a button on the Dashboard under Optional Items called “Cabin Mate.” Click there to add your friend’s name. Bonus, as you enter their name, you can also put their email address in there, too, and we will send them a note saying you have registered and it’s their turn!

What do I bring to camp?

We will post our list here soon!

What if I don’t know anyone who is coming to camp?

Don’t worry. There are lots of campers just like you. You won’t feel alone! Camp is full of other people your age and cool counselors and adults. Trust us – you will leave camp knowing a ton of new people.

I went to camp last summer and loved it! Is everything going to be different this summer?

We are glad you love camp so much. Each summer is slightly different because there are new people and new activities. But most of the things you love about camp are still here. Many campers come back summer after summer and find that each summer they have even more fun.

I really want to try a certain “activity” group this summer. Can I be guaranteed a spot in whatever group I want?

The camp does not guarantee any camper a specific activity group. We try our best to place you where you want, but there are some space limitations. The best thing to do is be flexible! Choosing your weekly activities will happen when all campers are present the first night of camp. This will provide more opportunity to ask questions and receive an explanation about what each craft and skill is about. Although we cannot guarantee availability in every skill choice for every camper, we will work to place campers in their first choice(s).

I accidentally left some of my things at camp. Who should I contact to get these items returned to me?

Remember the camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you go to our contact page, you can e-mail or call the camp to see if your lost item(s) have been found.

What kinds of activities will I get to participate in while I’m at camp?

There are a variety of activities available to you. Click here to view descriptions of these activities. (this link will be available in the spring)